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I'm a mom, a homemaker, and a fashion and decor nut. In my spare time, I run, a beach decor webstore so if you're into beachy stuff then please visit! (sorry to plug my store here but I couldn't resist)

Anyway, I've been to so many wonderful webstores while browsing that I decided to post some of their things for others to see (can you tell I love Pinterest?). My idea allows us to browse store samples rather than having to sift through many pages of search engine text. So many times I've found a great little store on page 20 and then never found it again if I forgot the domain name. I do this work using some web tools so I apologize if a few of the posts aren't relevant or are junk.

Oh, Amazon likely won't have what these little boutiques have, that's why they're still in business! Besides, Amazon is great for the common high-volume stuff, not for the unique, hand-made or hard-to-find.

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